7 Fun Things To Do In Texas That You Can Plan At The Last Minute

They say everything is bigger in Texas. This is also true when it comes to the list of fun things to do. There is no shortage of fun and exciting activities in this great state. Not only does Texas have many beautiful and natural attractions, it is home to an entire culture of adventure and excitement as well as creative innovation. Take some time to explore all there is to do! Here are 7 fun things to do in Texas that you can plan at the last minute.

1. Festivals

Do you enjoy music? There is a festival for that. What about antiques? There is a festival for that too. No matter what your passions or interests are, somewhere there is a festival for you. In Brenham, Texas there are many famous antique shows and festivals that draw people from all around the state. In addition, many towns celebrate Spring and the arrival of Blue Bonnets (bright blue flowers that bloom in early Spring) with dedicated festivals for the season. At any moment you can do a quick search and find a festival of interest near you.

2. Bluebell Creamery

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Bluebell Ice Cream has continued to grow in popularity due to its high quality and great flavor. If you have ever wondered how ice cream is made, take a tour of the Blue Bell Creamery or visit the gifts shop. Sample some ice cream and learn about the history of this influential company while experiencing a true Texas grown product.

3. Horse Riding, Hiking, and Biking

Texas is home of the original cowboy. While modern society does necessitate everyone riding a horse and working on a ranch, the spirit of adventure and rugged fun still is imbedded in Texan culture. Get out and explore Texas while on the back of a horse! Ride along some trails or go for tours of historical towns while on horseback. Or, hit the trails on foot or a bike.

4. Visit a winery

Day trips are easy to make happen at the last minute. Hop in the car and take a small and short day trip to the nearest winery. Hill Country and Washington County are home to many nice vineyards that offer tours and a wine tasting room.

5. Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

If you love lavender, visit the Chappell Hill lavender farm located in Brenham, Texas. This farm offers a huge field full of different variety of lavender plants perfect for weddings or special events, a gift shop full with lavender infused products, and even a lavender and wine festival.

6. Visit a local brewery

Local craft breweries are gaining in popularity worldwide and Texas is no exception. The love of beer can unite even the most diverse of personalities. Visit the Brazos Valley Brewery and get a feel for what local small-batch craft beer is all about.

7. Lunch/Dine

Exploring the small towns of Texas, especially in the heat, can be exhausting. Don’t forget to stay energize with great food and drink. Visit busy caf├ęs, small bistros, and charismatic mom and pop spots with everything from local barbecue to unique homemade desserts.